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For years we've been helping create deals and opportunities for sellers and buyers in Phoenix and Tucson. After rapid growth we're happy to service California, Iowa, New Orleans & Batton Rouge.

We’re a collection of professionals that want the best for YOU. Together, we combine our perspectives to give you as many educated solutions as possible.

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We are Brothers, Agents, Investors and Veterans who understand sometimes you can’t do this alone. Whether it’s getting out of foreclosure, eviction, divorce, probate or you simply need to sell fast. We can help, because we understand.

We'll help get you out from under your mortgage and put CASH in your hands in less than 30 days. We can make your mortgage payments on your behalf. We can set you up with one of our in-house real estate agents to get it listed on the MLS. As a team, we can do anything. We’re here to guide, inform and support your real estate decisions and we are humbled to be in your corner and deliver the results you’re looking for!


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